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Industrial Cleaning

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Bringing you a quality Industrial Cleaning Service

KNL offers industrial cleaning solutions for any type of manufacturing, storage, or shipping facility. Our trained janitorial staff has the full range of equipment needed to keep large spaces tidy and free of debris. With years of experience, we are prepared to establish flexible, customized routines that allow us work around shifts without interfering in operations, ensuring employees with a safe and efficient workspace at their disposal.

The average cleaning company possesses neither the trained, long-term employees nor the proper equipment to take care of manufacturing and shipping facilities. The industrial cleaning staff at Kleenol - Cleaning Service, however, can be found at work in a variety of locations, including the following:

• Industrial Complexes—Industrial spaces require experts in industrial cleaning to keep operations flowing smoothly. The professionals at Kleenol- Cleaning Service can remove and secure all kinds of materials in pressure-filled environments that demand training, skill, care, and proper attention.

• Warehouses—Warehouse facilities need specialized routine cleaning maintenance to keep a clear, liability-free work space and to ensure stored goods do not become corrupted or contaminated.

Our Pressure Washing Service

We provide pressure washing and exterior hard surface high pressure cleaning and restoration services across the Nation. Specializing in pressure washing and driveway cleaning. We use all the latest and Eco-friendly cleaning techniques. Such as the latest revolutionary tool… the rotary surface cleaner (or whirl-away).

This is a must for any professional driveway cleaning and pressure washing company. Different versions are available for walls, floors and paving. This is the latest piece of pressure washing and driveway cleaning equipment that keeps the jetting nozzles at a constant distance from the surface whilst spinning round at high velocity covering a much greater area than a traditional pressure washing lance. Thus pressure washing and cleaning driveways and exterior surfaces much quicker.

This leaves the surface streak free whilst minimizing surface damage caused by uneven pressures caused by operator usage on a standard pressure washing lance.This tool has quickly become industry standard for any pressure washing or driveway company serious about driveway cleaning and pressure washing.